About Urban Forest Wood


URBAN FOREST WOOD and ROY'S TREE SERVICE are committed to saving as much of the urban forest wood as possible to make useful products out of this scarce but often wasted resource. Roy Cody is currently doing feasibility studies on milling, kiln drying and wood product manufacture.

Wood from trees grown in cities and towns is often devalued by Sawmillers and timber merchants for the following reasons:

If someone likes it I can't get a regular supply.
It doesn't match the timber I have in stock.
It may contain steel and often does!
It has been grown quickly and lacks quality

The wood grown in the Urban Forest should not be wasted because it is UNIQUE. This uniqueness should make it more valuable if used correctly. The poem above is an example of "personification" where the tree is the poet! This poem is the Theme of URBAN FOREST WOOD, a new business registered by Roy Cody of ROY'S TREE SERVICE in Tamworth, NSW URBAN FOREST WOOD "Just a branch off" ROY'S TREE SERVICE.

Urban Forest Wood Candlesticks