Roy Cody has been growing garlic for 20 years. Up until 2010, he always gave it away to friends and business associates. In 2010, Roy had 8,000 bulbs of garlic, all planted, weeded and dug by hand. Roy said “Never again” so over Easter 2011, he designed and built a garlic planter. It was so successful that he planted 8 kilometres of garlic in two hours, 80 rows each 100m long. The rows were then given a light dusting of fowl manure, followed by a layer of gum tree mulch.

Good garlic is by-product of ROY’S TREE SERVICE. The mulch acts as a WEED inhibitor. Garlic hates competition from weeds and weeding is so labour intensive. Photos below show that the garlic loves the leaf mulch from Roy’s Tree Service.

Why can Roy grow such good garlic? It is a lot to do with Tamworth’s cold winter. The wheat crop to the left of the garlic is “greenchopped” into the soil to improve the organic material ready for the following year’s garlic crop.

Roy’s garlic will stay fresh until April/May at which time it will sprout. Prior to sprouting, you could freeze some for next Winter or peel and cover with olive oil and store in a jar in the fridge. It MUST be kept in the fridge.

Organic Garlic Wins Bronze - Click to read the Northern Daily Leader Article


silver medal 2016

Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Award


SBS - Organic Garlic Grower

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2016 season prices (while stocks last)

500g for $20 + $10 postage and handling ($30)

1 kilo for $30 + $15 postage and handling ($45)

2 kilo for $60 + $18 postage and handling ($78)

3 kilo for $90 + $20 postage and handling ($110)

5 kilo for $150 + $30 postage and handling ($180)

Garlic plaits ( 10 medium bulbs braided together ) $30 + $15 postage and handling ($45)
The plaits make excellent kitchen decorations and make great Christmas presents too.

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Recent feedback:

Hi Roy,
Just to give you some feedback on the 6kg order I placed this has been a huge success with our family and friends.
Having the 1kg net bags made everything very simple to share and as per usual the flavour and quality of your garlic is exceptional !

Lynne Sherwin,  Occupational Therapist  4/2/15


Hello Roy,
Thank you for a wonderful product and simple, easy transaction– it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

My partner is Italian, so Thursday night we had Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (spaghetti with garlic and olive oil)  - your garlic is wonderful – so fresh with a beautiful flavour.  As soon as I opened the box we knew we were in for a treat – you can just tell it’s a quality product from looking at it - the colour, texture and aroma are wonderful.  When crushing it, it just melted through the crusher … it’s that fresh!!

I will definitely be ordering more from you down the track!! Have already told my friends about you on facebook!!

Fiona Shugg,  Bacchus Marsh VIC 8/12/12

Buy Australian Organic Garlic Tamworth NSW

1/. 1kg of Roy's Organic Garlic showing the range in size of the bulbs (big one 7cm across). If you prefer a particular size we will try and pack specifically for your preference.

2/. 1kg of Organic Garlic in mesh bag ready to pack in a box for shipping. $25 per kg + $15 freight and handling.

3/. An organic garlic plait (or braid) which will have at least 10 medium bulbs in it. Supply of these will be limited so order quickly to avoid disappointment. $30 each + $15 freight and handling.



“The Garlic is sensational!! I am lined up for the next round and still working from a couple of bottles of the Fresh stuff that I got off Roy....It has kept the family in good health all winter mate”
John Johnson General Manager, Freeman Fox Pty Ltd, Brisbane

“I got some of Roy’s Garlic a couple of years ago. I gave some to my father who spent most of his life in Russia. Dad said it was the BEST GARLIC he had ever tasted”
Walter Raspopin, Freeman Fox, Brisbane

“The best garlic we have ever tasted! Even better when it comes from a local supplier.”
Rebecca Stuart, Tamworth

“Its great to eat fresh garlic that is locally grown Thank you Roy”
Samantha Goor, Chiropractor, Tamworth

“I couldn’t live without your Garlic!!!”
Cheryl Grosser, Sydney

Your organic garlic is amazing!!, so juicy and full of flavour, love it!! Thank you so much.
Cheryl Kokoszka, Tarro NSW”